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Plastic surgery after Massive weight loss

Indications for plastic surgery after Massive Weight Loss Surgeries

The cheroyrgikes surgery treatment of obesity are becoming more and more popular, especially in people with abnormal and malignant obesity (BMI > 40). Mass Weight Loss Surgeries are called and to lost more than 50% of excess body fat, which is the amount of fat in excess of normal. The calculation of body weight of the patient, and whether it is within the normal or not, can be done by comparing with the body mass index BMI (Body Mass Index).

To determine your current BMI index, divide your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters) and the resulting number is the body mass index (BMI). It is important to note that the calculation of BMI is not always accurate for very muscular people.

For example, if you are 75 pounds and 1.68 m tall Body mass index: BMI = 75/(1.68 x 1.68) = 26.7

Generally applies the following classification:

BMI 18-25: Normal weight

BMI 25-30: Overweight

BMI 30-35: Obese (Class I Obesity)

BMI 35-40: morbid obesity (Obesity Class II)

BMI > 40 Malignant Obesity (Class III Obesity)

Plastic surgery following massive weight loss interventions and its role is limited to treating loose skin kremamenoy, who most often creates special problems of everyday life (personal hygiene, clothing, sex, etc). It should be noted that prior to any intervention by the plastic surgeon, the weight of the patient should be stabilized and has remained stable for at least six months and the ideal BMI should be under 30. In this way eliminates the possibility of postoperative complications, especially healing, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, which is fairly elevated in obese people.

Intervention options for Massive weight loss.

It is important to consider the review of diet and exercise before the patient ended up in a surgery for weight loss. The nutritional intake is that stated, mostly, the body weight of the person and the exercise will help adjuvants poor diet with exercise will have minimal to no effect.

As regards the surgical options there are several, including the placement of a Gastric Balloon device and Gastric Ring that is reversible and without disturbing the anatomy of the stomach. The alternative is a gastric bypass (Gastric by pass-) operation that changes the way that food is absorbed and is of course statistically more effective. Now can be performed either laparoscopically from a single orifice (SILS-Single Insision Laparoscopic Surgery) or robotic.

Effects Of Mass Weight Loss

After the interventions '' Baryatrikis '', namely placement of intra Gastric Balloon or in more severe cases with gastric by-pass, the patient will notice that, as you lose weight, your skin will start to riknwnetai. But there is a limit to which the skin maintains its elastic qualities, beyond which remains loose, in great excess and with several stretch marks. The areas that may be affected most are the face, neck, abdomen, breast, back, inner thighs and arm and buttock. The severity of the problem is determined by the amount and speed of loss of body weight in fat diminisher .

Mr. Konstantinos Benetatos can fix this problem surgically (unfortunately there is no other treatment other than surgery) by conducting one or more interventions combined, depending on each patient's problem, which will be discussed during the preoperative examination.
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